DB37 Connector Comparison

I am inquiring about the difference between the stainless steel DB37 connectors and the Yellow Chromate Plated Zinc connectors. I was looking at the gold plated DB37 connector and they are currently out of stock. I am currently using these connectors in a high temperature application, and previously I have experienced oxidization around the connector. I am looking to replace it with a better version. Would the Zinc coated connector better withstand the corrosion over the stainless??

Additionally I am searching for a shell/case for the DB37 connector that would also be corrosion resistant. Are there any gold plated options out there?

Any help is appreciated.

Would it be possible for you to give us the full part numbers of the parts you are looking at?

Of course!

The Stainless Steel version I currently have is part number DCMM37PF225 and the one that I was interested in was part number IDCMMK37P-ND.

Additionally I was wondering if the Solder cup style pins can be de-pinned or are they fixed within the connector?

I can’t personally vouch for the corrosion performance of a zinc+chromate over steel process versus straight stainless, though I suspect that either term encompasses some variability that can lead to performance variations within the group, possibly overlapping.

Chromate finishes have become unfashionable though, due to environmental and safety concerns; the classic “chromate” is said to be of the hexavalent type disfavored by RoHS, though some based on trivalent compounds are said to be available. Questions of corrosion performance result among these, from what I understand.

There are gold-plated backshell options for 37-pin D-SUBs available, but for the price one might expect them to be solid.

If you look at the connector category as a whole. you may notice a theme wherein there are separate housing, contact, and connector product families for connectors of a given style (e.g. rectangular). The “connector” family houses products with captive electrical contacts or an item is sold as a kit, whereas the “housing” and “contact” families contain connector components where the two are sold separately. D-Subs are a peculiar case where functionally equivalent items can be found in both, though it would appear that you’re looking at a captive-contact product.

Thank you very much! This was very helpful.