Looking for Nickel-free crimp contacts

Hello, I am looking for nickel-free crimp contacts, both with pin and socket. I have to exclude products that are gold-plated over an interlayer of nickel, which I believe affects over 99% of contacts. So far I have found the connectors 3401005XXB with XX=01-04 from C&K Switches, in the datasheet of e.g. 340100503B gold over copper is specified as finish. I have also found the parts MS6020M-AA and FS6020M2-AA from Amphenol Positronic (with solder cups), for which I have found drawings directly from the manufacturer that also specify gold over copper. Solder cups are also okay for us, but perhaps you offer the crimp versions, for which I have not found any drawings.

Can you confirm that the parts really do not contain nickel, or do you have other alternatives? The wire size doesn’t matter, but the pin must have a diameter of 1 mm (or the socket must be made for 1 mm pins). Thank you very much!

Sorry, we don’t have a way to search by contact size and material. I checked the spec and none of those parts below have Nickel.

3401005XXB with XX=01-04