DB9 Serial Cable Adapter (Mirror)

I’m looking for a cable/adapter that can mirror the pin outputs of a DB9 connector as opposed to the pins being straight-through. We are concerned with baud rate with the cables we are using, so a short cable or small adapter would be ideal. The adapter will need to be DB9 MtF.

Cable https://www.digikey.com/en/products/filter/d-sub-cables/461?s=N4IgjCBcoBw1oDGUBmBDANgZwKYBoQB7KAbRACYBOAVmoGZ4BdAgBwBcoQBlNgJwEsAdgHMQAXwIB2cgDYEIZJHTZ8RUiAaTKAFjnMQ7TjwEjxU8pPmLluAsUhk6lOgAZXIfYcjc%2BQ0RPBKGEorVExbNQcQFw8xAPJ1ABEAIQACSlTUgGEAQWSAGQBRVIBZHKLUgBUAeVSAMUKyotigA