Sourcing Fanuc Connectors from an Encoder

I contacted Fanuc directly and they said that my encoder (A860-2120-V003) could not be broken down and thus I cannot get parts. I am in need of just the connectors (male 6 pin) and the female 6 slot. They look the same, but one is labeled CN1 while the other is likely CN2. I work at a spindle repair company and we need these connectors for our test stands, but really do not want to pay the hundreds of dollars per encoder just to take off the connectors. First 2 photos are the male 6 pin, followed by 1 of the connecting female.


Welcome to the Tech Forum, we are looking into this connector and will get back as soon as we can.

Thank you


Measuring the pitch (distance between positions) would help with identifying a replacement/alternative.

It appears to be related to the common 0.1" square pin connection system, for which there are many manufacturers, and varying degrees of interoperability. You’ve got 6 pins in two rows, narrowing the list of housings from which to select down to a few hundred items already, which will shrink further given an accurate pitch measurement. The exact item may pictured may not be available, but there’s a fair chance a person could find something quite close.

Thanks! I will take a measurement in a bit, but appreciate you pointing me in the right direction to work towards discovery.

Hello , im looking for the same connector as You , do u maybe find what it was or have somthing that will fork with it ? I need two of those femele ones.