Trying to ID two conncectors

Hello, I’m trying to ID two connectors (inside a 2015 iMac, if that helps any). They are both female connectors with 1.25 pitch. The first is 2 pin and the second is 6 pin (only 4 are used). The 2 pin has no markings, while the 6 pin has an MXL 72 (not sure on the 72). Actually, what I’m looking for is their male counterparts…

Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum cwcrogan,
I search our system for the 1.25mm pitch housings. The closest I found for the 2 position are WM5400-ND and 2057-125CH-G-02-ND.
The mating connectors are WM7600CT-ND, and 2057-125SH-G-02-TR-SMT-T/RCT-ND.
I did not find a possible match for the 6pos connector.

Thank you David. Of the two, I was more interested in the 2 pos. What you found looks like a good match. Thanks again.

You’re welcome cwcrogan. Hope this works for you.