Matching pins / connectors for Ohmite FSR05CE / DE

Hi! Planning to buy a handful of

Ohmite FSR05CE with Connector housing (female, equivalent to Nicomatic 14106-12 and OF-02)

or perhaps FSR05DE with Connector housing with latch (female, equivalent to Nicomatic OL-02)

I’m looking for either a pack of short wires (need only 2") with pre-crimped single pins to push into these connectors, or even better, wires with matching male 2-pin connectors for the above

Apologies if this is basic info, I’ve done some soldering etc. but this is new territory for me as I’ve never seen an FSR in person. Greatly appreciate your guidance!

Hello and welcome to the Digi-Key tech forum.

Unfortunately I was not able to locate the 14106-12 and OF-02, nor the OL-02 within our website. However, I did locate the 14106-12 on the Nicomatic website and since we are an authorized distributor for them we can obtain these for you if that is what you’re looking to do. Unfortunately the OF-02 and the OL-02 are not showing up on their website either and they don’t seem to have an option for wire assembly with 14106-12 or the like.

There also is limited amount of information on what type of mating connectors are associated with 14106-12 and thus I could not locate any proper housing & pin combination to offer.
The data sheet on these I found is located in link below:
DA1-DS-14106-GB-1205 (

As you can tell these are referenced as contacts but in the data sheet of the FSRs you’re interested in these are listed as housings which is a bit confusing. FSR Data sheet

The 2" wire sections would not be that hard to obtain once the contacts and housings with their mating connectors are found. I’m going to inquire more into these with our product specialist on these FSRs and see if they can offer some guidance. I will reply here once I have some feedback, but also some who read your post may reply with other useful information as well.

I hope to get back to you soon.

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Thank you Irfan! I called Ohmite but wasn’t connected, and emailed them with no reply yet. That link you provided mentions the female connector being tested using .635 square pin headers, and the drawing shows them being 2.54 spacing. Is my answer there somewhere? I’m a super newbie with this stuff even though I’ve been doing basic soldering etc and assembling computers for decades…

These appear to be intended for compatibility with industry-standard 0.1" pin header systems. 87499-3 and 103653-1 are some free-hanging representatives of the sort, PREC002SAAN-RC representative of a board-mount type.


Thank you Rick, grateful for your help! Order placed

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Sorry for the long delay. I have not had any feedback on this from the product specialist yet but it seems that your inquiry has been handled. I’m closing the interaction. If there is anything else you need do let us know.

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