Looking for an unusual connector

This connector I am looking for. What I found so far - The contact looks like it’s made by KOSTAL, PLK 14,5
I did find one vendor that has a MOQ of 400, which is way too many! I only need 6 or so. Might be able to find other people that would buy small quantities also.

The housing I have not had much luck with, got nothing so far. There is also a housing that mates at right angles, which I could possibly use also, but I’ll worry about that if I get anywhere with these first.

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Hello @Dave190,

Welcome to the community. Can you please share photos of the mating connector and what this part is being used on?

Thank you!

The connectors are used on Lithium Ion batteries for a BMW i3.
The mating contact is a flat blade. A clever feature of the contact I am looking for is that it is used in both a straight in and a 90 degree housing, interchangeable. The wires are #2AWG. Here are some pictures -

This looks like it is the straight in housing -

The site has a captcha, so you have to pick the images top see it.

Hi Dave,

I do not see that we carry anything like those.

Hi Dave,

Mouser seems to stock some PLK connectors.

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