DC motor id

The motor for our baby swing failed and I am trying to replace it but am having trouble.

There are no markings on the motor. I believe it is a 6v motor, ~47mm long including the shaft, 24mm in diameter. The shaft is splined and is ~15mm long.

Any help is appreciated.


Hello Jake

Thank you for contacting the Technical Forum. I did not find anything with those specifications in the size you need. I could not even get close to it. Sorry

Thank you very much for looking.

I am not sure where this motor came from, even doing an internet search of the motor doesn’t return any results.

Usually if this is in a consumer product like this , it was most likley custom. Sorry. I did try with the description , but had not luck.

Hi jakep113,
One of these may work, please review datasheet specifications before ordering:
Click here for 2790-NF123G-305-ND | 2790-NF143G-301-ND | 966-1483-ND

Thanks for your time helping with this, I just checked those out. The 966-1483-ND looks really close, a little too big but I might be able to make it work. Of course it would be 4x the price of the other motors. ha.

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:slight_smile: That motor would give you the slower RPM that you’d most likely want, to keep the pendulum motion. The other motors are much higher speed and wattage, the last thing we’d want is for the swing to do a complete 360 :slight_smile:

-Please review datasheet specifications before ordering to make sure it will work for your application.