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This is one of two 12 volt BPM motors that powers a winding mechanism for roller shutters. It has a splined shaft to take the cog wheel, which is removeable. This is a Johnson product, but I have no specs for it. Have tried contacting Johnson, they referred me to this site. I hope you can help identify this motor, or suggest a suitable alternative.

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Hello dougout ,
Thank you for contacting DigiKey TechForum. We are looking into this for you and will let you know what we find out.

Thank you

Thanks Ryan 2724, any info will help.

Hi @dougout

2790-NF123G-303-ND appears to be the only stocking option in 12v from Johnson, but there are a few other non-stocking options as well, click here for those. We may also have similar options from other manufacturers. Please review datasheets for specific details.