DCR-PRO DIAMOND CUT MACHINE compatible with the Panasonic HG-C1200 SENSOR

Our DRC-PRO Diamond cut refinishing machine for wheels has a broken sensor. The sensor looks exactly like the Panasonic HG-C series. I’m guessing that it’s the Panasonic HG-C1200 as we usually cut from a distance of 200mm.
Has someone had any similar experience and/or could offer some advice as to whether the Panasonic HG-C1200 is a compatible replacement for the machine.
Thank you is advance.

Hello wanabeblue - welcome to the Forum community! I tried to determine what sensor your DCR-PRO uses, but I wasn’t successful using the information on their website. My suggestion would be to contact DCR to verify the sensor part number here is the link to the manufacturer’s contact form on their website.