Delta Variable Frequency Drive Comparison

VFD-E vs VFD-EL Series Comparison

After spending some time comparing these two series to each other, these are the major differences I could find between the two series. As you can see, The E series has everything the EL series does and more.

Vector AC Micro Drive Simple AC Micro Drive
image image
Brake Transistor int/ext Int
Closed Loop Control Yes No
Sensorless Control Yes No
PLC Program Capabilites 500 0
Digital I/O 6/3 6/1
Analog I/O 2/1 1/1
PLC Language Ladder None
Data Sheet Data sheet

Information about these series and more were taken from this selection tool provided by Delta.
Delta Industrial Automation Product Selection Tool

Product Numbers loaded into the Digikey Catalog

VFD-E Series VFD-EL Series HP Output Current Wattage Supply Voltage
VFD002E21A VFD002EL21A 0.25 1.6A 200 W 230VAC
VFD002E11A VFD002EL11A 0.25 1.6A 200 W 115VAC
VFD002E23A VFD002EL23A 0.25 1.6A 200 W 230VAC
VFD004E43A VFD004EL43A 0.5 1.5A 400 W 460VAC
VFD004E21A VFD004EL21A 0.5 2.5A 400 W 230VAC
VFD004E23A VFD004EL23A 0.5 2.5A 400 W 230VAC
VFD004E11A VFD004EL11A 0.5 2.5A 400 W 115VAC
VFD007E43A VFD007EL43A 1 2.5A 750 W 460VAC
VFD007E21A VFD007EL21A 1 4.2A 750 W 230VAC
VFD007E23A VFD007EL23A 1 4.2A 750 W 230VAC
VFD007E11A VFD007EL11A 1 4.2A 750 W 115VAC
VFD015E23A VFD015EL23A 2 7.5A 1500 W 230VAC
VFD015E21A VFD015EL21A 2 7.5A 1500 W 230VAC
VFD015E43A VFD015EL43A 2 4.2A 1500 W 460VAC
VFD022E21A VFD022EL21A 3 11A 2200 W 230VAC
VFD022E43A VFD022EL43A 3 5.5A 2200 W 460VAC
VFD022E23A VFD022EL23A 3 11A 2200 W 230VAC
VFD037E43A VFD037EL43A 5 8.5A 3700 W 460VAC
VFD037E23A VFD037EL23A 5 17A 3700 W 230VAC
VFD055E43A 7.5 13A 5500 W 460VAC
VFD055E23A 7.5 25A 5500 W 230VAC
VFD075E43A 10 18A 7500 W 460VAC
VFD075E23A 10 33A 7500 W 230VAC
VFD110E43A 15 24A 11000 W 460VAC
VFD110E23A 15 45A 11000 W 230VAC
VFD150E43A 20 32A 15000 W 460VAC
VFD150E23A 20 65A 15000 W 230VAC
VFD185E43A 25 38A 18500 W 460VAC
VFD220E43A 30 45A 22000 W 460VAC