Design does not qualify for DKRed

I’m at a loss to determine why the system is telling me my design does not qualify for DKRed. Is there a way to see what the specific issue is?

Also, I was hoping to see if SMD assembly is (or will be) available.

Hi @StephenAtBAT - Thank you for your question and welcome to the TechForum.

There should be some sort of indication why it doesn’t qualify. Are you seeing something similar to the below?


To answer your second question, no plans at this time for board assembly.

What I have discovered is that the initial pop up message that appears when you upload the gerbers does not indicate the reason the files don’t qualify for DKRed. However, if you continue on to the PCB Builder, then the reasons are listed in the PCB Build Manufacturer Pricing column on the right hand side. For some reason the system believes that my design needs four layers, but gives me a quote if I change it to 2 layers (for which it is actually designed).

It’s possible that inclusion of files not specifically required for PCB fabrication (e.g. those for component placement) in the .zip are being misinterpreted as additional copper layers and causing the error. If such were included, one might try resubmitting without.

I am also experiencing this message when I upload my files.
It seems not to understand what some of my files are.
For a 2 layer board can you list what all files should be uploaded?
Some of the obvious ones are top and bottom copper and solder mask, and silk screen.
But the drill files I am not sure about. There is an NC drill file and a
drill drawling. But in PCB Builder it only list “drill file”.
What one is it looking for, or is it both?


Ok, I figured some things out by trial and error.
This is the files I sent for a 2 layer board that it seemed to be ok with.

The photo-plots are all in RS-274X gerber format.
And the drill file is in Excellon (NC Drill) format.

The gerber file format list in the DKRed documentation is misleading.
It list file extensions as formats, file extension names are not directly
linked to any given file format.

Also, I still seem to have an issue with the PCB Builder Viewer.
I see the board, and it looks ok. But there is what looks like anti-pads
in the opposite diagonal corner, away from the board.
Any idea what this is?


Hi @jimmartz, could you send me your design file through private message and I can take a look at what is going on?