Difference between 2 PNs

We want to know the technical difference between 2PNs. PN1: ELS61-US, PN2: ELS61-AUS.

Can you also check with the product specialist about the difference between PN1: ELS61 - E, PN2: ELS61-E R2


ELS61-US is the United States version and the AUS is the Australian. As far as the technical difference would have to do with frequency for the location. The ELS61-E R2 has the PCN notice on the website on this link:

The differences in the ELS61-E and the R2 are shown on this document on the website:

The R2 is just the version or revision 2:

The products all appear to be obsolete. Here is the PCN notice that recommends what you should try to design with: