Difference between Crimpers

What is the difference between 952-1066-ND and A120060-ND crimpers?

Welcome to the TechForum! The difference between the crimpers are the contacts that the manufacture has designed each crimp tool for. There may be different tolerances for the contacts that each crimp tool accounts for.

Hi @omar.abdullah,

Agreeing with Steven_14444, the proper crimp tool is based off the contact being crimped, which includes manufacturer, series, and wire gauge size. Both crimpers may crimp a contact within their wire gauge range, but it cannot be guaranteed to meet any quality or crimp specification standard for contacts they are not designed exclusively for.

Crimpers often make two crimps per contact, the conductor crimp and the insulation crimp, it is also a good idea to verify the wire insulation also fits within the crimp insulation parameters.

The difference are the contacts they’re designed for crimping.