Digi-Key P/N 614-1351-ND FLUKE-64 MAX

Digi-Key Part Number 614-1351-ND I would like to find out if this item has the calibration certificate and MFG CoC

Hello esolalindersi, Welcome to the Forum

Fluke meters carried by Digi-Key come with a generic certificate of calibration.

If you need a traceable CofC, it is possible that Digi-Key could special order a part in for you along with the CofC (there would be added costs if this route is pursued).

Another option (especially if tool has already been purchased) would be to go to an independent calibration house.

I hope this will help you out.
Any questions Please let us know.

Hello Paul. Can you please check on this one 614-1186-ND to see if you supply the certificate of Calibration and MFG CoC $114.99

Need to check on stock please

Thank you

Elsa Solalinde

I am sorry but the 614-1186-ND would be that same way. We will not have the MFG CoC available. It would have to be a Special order to get the Calibration Certificate. You will have to do a Special Order on it that would make it come with a Calibration Certificate.