Digi-Key Scheme-It now has LaTeX and AsciiMath Support

Digi-Key is proud to announce that Scheme-It, the free online schematic and diagraming tool, is now able to support the LaTeX and AsciiMath markup languages. You can now add complex mathematical equations, symbols and charts to your schematic drawing as easily as adding a box of text, here’s how.

On any new or existing Scheme-It project, there is a new option under the “insert” button in the tool bar, a Math Box


After you click on the Math Box option, a workspace and preview widow will pop up allowing you to work on the text and math equations just like any other text. To edit an existing Math Box, simply double click inside the box or select the box and press F2 key to bring up the edit window.


LaTeX is the preferred input usage, but Scheme-It can also support AsciiMath as well. Similar to LaTeX but with a slightly different usage. Here is a great starting point http://asciimath.org/

Now, LaTeX and AsciiMath markup languages are not as simple as typing directly into a text area to output complex math equations but there is a variety of tutorials and training available to help with any first-time user. Here is a great introduction point for LaTeX MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference - Mathematics Meta Stack Exchange

After you are done with your work and want to share it with the world, Scheme-It with LaTeX equations can be exported and shared same as any other Scheme-It project.

To share the project as a URL link or even as an email to a friend, first be sure to save the project under your Digi-Key account and in the upper toolbar click the “Share” button. From there a window will pop up asking to set the privacy level for the project, to just the people you share the URL link with or make it public and fully searchable by anyone. It can also generate a URL to share as a link or directly email to another person with a message.



In the upper toolbar under the “Export” button, click on that button and you can choose which file format you want to share with the world. At the current moment, only document PDF (.pdf) and image PNG (.png) files are supported for export with the LaTeX equations by Scheme-It. KiCad and SVG export files are not supported for LaTeX or AcsiiMath equations


If you have any questions or comments about this exciting new feature of Scheme-It, be sure to check out the Digi-Key TechForum https://forum.digikey.com/

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View a Scheme-it Math introduction Project here:

great news, thanks for sharing