Digikey KiCad library download

I downloaded the Digikey parts library for KiCad… this is my first pass at using KiCad… major frustration so far. The footprint images are supposed to be “.pretty” files? When I expand the downloaded Digikey library I find .mod files, not .pretty. What am I missing here?

So far I have created a schematic but have had no luck associating schematic parts to footprint files

KiCad has its own learning curve. Most of us that use it here were frustrated at first too, but it gets better.

.pretty isn’t actually a file extension, it’s a directory name. The directory called digikey-footprints.pretty is what KiCad is looking for. The .pretty folder contains .mod files which are individual footprints, but KiCad loads the whole library of footprints with one .pretty.

So if you open the footprint library manager and hit “Add existing library to table” you want to point it to the .pretty folder like this:

Hope that helps.