While Appending the Digikey Footprint Library in the Cvpcb, Status shows INVALID

I am following the tutorial video “An Intro to KiCad – Part 5: Associate Footprints and Generate Netlist | DigiKey”. While using the “Append with Wizard” feature in the “Add Footprint Libraries Wizard”, my digikey-footprints.pretty folder Status is shown as “INVALID” instead of “OK”. I have already tried downloading the library directly from Github and from the Digikey website link. I have tried using two different programs to unzip the file (WINRAR and 7Zip). I have also tried continuing and ignoring the error, but the libraries never show up in Global Libraries. What could be causing this error? I am using KiCad version 4.0.7 (4.0.7-x86_64 on the stable versions page) like in the video.