Diode identification

Hi. Can anybody please help me identify this diode?

The numbers on the case are:


They are stamped in groups of three on the case in this order.

This is part of a Body Control Module from a 1992 Chrysler Lebaron. Schematics and parts lists are unavailable.



Hello Chris. Welcome to the technical forum. I have tried multiple ways to find the part to get some data on it. I was not successful. I tried to search normal stud diodes with the codes shown on the part number. I would say it would be 60 volts by a guess. I just did not find anything else to try to decipher what current it might be. That is only a very big guess with the 60J. Sorry. I just do not know on this one.

Thanks for the VERY fast reply to my post. :+1:

You are welcome. It is a good thing to do the post as maybe someone else might be able to verify it. Sometimes it is known to happen.

Given the glass diode body, marking and timeframe, I’d guess it’s a 1N917 fast switching diode.

My H.W. Sam’s substitute book shows NTE177 & Radio Shack 276-1122 as replacements.

Hi Paul. 917. Hmmm…ok. Seems like a pretty good guess. Thanks!

Last century nearly 100% of diodes used in the USA had 2 to 4 digits printed on them representing the digits that follow the JEDEC diode prefix of 1N.