Diode marking code BR

I m looking for Digikey part number of this diode Marking code is " BR"

The β€œV” designations make me think they are not ordinary diode as diodes usually have designators of β€œD”. β€œV” usually denotes a vacuum tube. However the product could be made in country where the word for diode begins with β€œV”.

If it is an English language designator I’d guess the β€œV” parts are varistors, although traditionally β€œRV” is used for the reference designator.

Thanks for replying. Here i.m asking Ng about Diode which display in pic having marking code β€œBR”
I need it’s voltage rating or Digikey part number for ordering

Hello Imtaoseef, welcome to the Tech Forum. I am sorry, I do not recognize the logo on your diode as a supplier that we have at Digi-key. I was not able to identifiy your diode.

Hello @Imtaoseef,

The part should be SMBJ17CA-FDITR-ND( SMBJ17CA-13-F)

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Thank you very much . It is used at drive side (6 pulse cct) with IGBT in inverter . You solve my problem.

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