Dispensing gun

I am looking to get a two-part thermal epoxy and it requires a dispensing gun. I am wondering if dispensing gun is universal in general or do I need to get a specific dispensing gun.

The thermal epoxy I am planning to get is 8329TFS-50ML MG Chemicals | Fans, Thermal Management | DigiKey and the dispensing gun I have is SS95407 Bergquist | Tools | DigiKey.

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum Hehai.
You will need a specific applicator gun to match the size of the cartridge.
The one recommended on the Datasheet is part number 8DG-50-1-1. The one from Bergquist may work, but I do not know if the mounting, and the size of the plungers would be the same. I would hold off buying the recommended applicator, and try the cartridge on your applicator first. If it work, great.
Also, I see we do not stock the 8DG-50-1-1 applicator, or it requires an order of 4 applicators to order them.
Your Technical Reference Number for this question is T4263573

Thanks for your reply, David.