DIY project : track when the postman arrives at our mailbox using sensor then log the data on gsheet

Hey everyone! My stepson and I are working on a fun Arduino project that involves tracking when the postman arrives at our mailbox using a motion sensor, and then logging the data on a Google Sheet. We’re super excited, but we’re having a lot of trouble finding the components we need on

We’ve put together a list of what we think we’ll need for this project, but we’re not sure about the exact items. Could any kind-hearted folks help us find the right components to purchase on ?

My stepson and I appreciate your help in advance!

Hello Vlbruzeau and welcome to the forum,

I can help with some of these items, but there are some misses. I’ll go line by line;

  1. We are missing this outright on .CA, I could not ID the base component on that side of the catalog.
  2. DS3231’s are in catalog, see here for a list of surface mount parts
  3. We have some ESP Modules relevant to your search here.
  4. See 1568-1209-ND (I’m getting a sparkfun vibe from your list)
  5. We cannot ship Li-Ion batteries on orders, shipping restrictions with the material I’m afraid.
  6. We can ship the holders though.
  7. Doesn’t Arduino have a 5V out? A simple search of voltage regulator and 5V should net you tons of options, too many list on a generic search. See here to start: (Linear) (Switching)
    note that more options exist in either category than listed. I’ve just linked a very general search.

To your second general inquiry, we have some kits that may fit the bill, see here.

Buying the components of elegoo starter kit seperately is not an easy task. Let me share my personal experience. I had many parts of this starter kit beforehand. So, I decided to purchase some of the sensors separately from China via a local company. I purchased around 10 sensors. Among them, 2 or 3 turned out to be bad. So, I think it’s safe to purchase this kit altogether from a dependable source. Anyway, if you do not want to buy elegoo kit, you can buy equivalents of these sensors from dfrobot, seedstudio and waveshare. DFrobot also have a 27 sensor ARduino starter kit. You can consider buying that too.