Passive Infrared Motion Sensor Mount

My brother was looking to monitor one of his wood duck houses to find out when the hen had entered and exited the house. He decided that he wanted to use a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor to accomplish this.

He asked me to design a holder of sorts for the sensor board that he purchased. I’m not aware to the exact board that he was using, however, it was very similar to Adrafruit part 189 (Digi-Key part 1528-1991-ND)

He wanted to be able to just set the board in the holder and be able to easily remove it from the case when not in use.

Below is a picture of the design I came up with. The board is inserted from the back side of the holder and only the lens protrudes through the face of the holder. I then added screw holders that are slotted so that it can be slightly adjusted when it has been mounted. I also added a wire notch at the backside of the mount so that the wires do not get crimped between the roof of the house and the case.

Unfortunately, at this point, he has not mounted the sensor to the house. Because of this, I do not have any photos of this installed in place.

Here is a copy of the .STL file for this part: motion sensor case.stl (32.9 KB)

If you would like to edit the drawing, here is a link to the drawing on OnShape: Click here to view the drawing

If you are looking at getting into 3D printing, Digi-Key currently stocks a few different 3D printers. Here is a link to them

If you want to print these molds and you would like to use PLA, here are the options that Digi-Key currently has in stock:

Or if you would like to use another type of filament, here is a link to all stocking options that Digi-Key currently has:

If you haven’t tried OnShape, I highly recommend it. It is free and has excellent learning tutorials to help hobbyists out with any problems that may arise. I have tried many CAD programs and this was one of the easiest programs for me to draw in. If you want more info on OnShape, click on the picture below: