Do 2-Part Epoxies Include the Catalyst?

There are 2 parts in a 2 part epoxy.

  1. Resin (Base)
  2. Catalyst (Activator, Hardener, or Curing Agent)

Many epoxies include both the Resin and the Catalyst per quantity 1, however the catalyst is not included on some products, as this can provide more custom catalyst options to choose from to better suit the application. LOCTITE 1000-165-ND (1188099) is an example part number where the catalyst is not included.

Although products that do not come with the catalyst should list “Epoxy, 2 Part (Order Catalyst Separately)” under the “Type” filter, please review each datasheet to verify the epoxy will include both pieces, as the product photo/description can be misleading and show both pieces or not clearly state if both pieces are included.



When reviewing a datasheet, sometimes it won’t explicitly state what is included, but will elude to different catalyst options to choose from, this is usually an indicator the catalyst is sold separately: