Loctite Stycast 2762 Where is the Catalyst?

LOCTITE STYCAST 2762FT is a two part epoxy with high temperature resistance, high thermal conductivity, and can be using for potting or an encapsulant.

It can be found here on our website.

The data sheet calls out the compliant catalysts available.
Click here to see the data sheet

While Digi-Key does carry this product, we unfortunately do not currently carry the catalyst. We simply do not have the Hazmat qualifications for that product. We do continue to carry the Stycast 2762 because many customers have the catalyst on hand for use with other products.

If you would like to obtain this product through Digikey, we can still offer a solution in the form of a ‘Non-Catalog Order Request’. There is a good chance that we can order from the supplier and have it drop shipped at your location. Please request a quote with the supplier part numbers for the catalyst you would like.

If you are in need of the catalyst, and you do not want to dropship, you can also find it here

If you are in need of the catalyst, you can find it here

Henkel Loctite Catalyst 14

Henkel Loctite Catalyst 17

Henkel Loctite Catalyst 17M-1