Does Digi-Key carry Loctite (####)?

People frequently ask whether or not some specified Loctite(R) brand product is available through Digi-Key. It’s a harder question to answer than one might expect, but there are a few general principles that apply:

  • Need product ASAP? Digi-Key’s complete listings for in-stock Henkel/Loctite products can be found here. If the product you want is not among them, it is not in stock and you’ll probably be able to acquire product more promptly through another supplier.

  • Is the Loctite(R) product you’re looking for a thread locker, retaining compound, or related product? If so, it’s not available through Digi-Key at the time of writing. We’d like to remedy that, but in the meantime we do stock and list a variety of other thread locking agents, available here.

  • Products from Bergquist (a manufacturer of thermal management materials) and Multicore (a manufacturer of soldering-related materials) were sold through Digi-Key prior to these companies’ being acquired by Henkel, and at the time of writing continue to make up the bulk of the Henkel/Loctite branded products carried by Digi-Key.

  • Henkel/Loctite brand products related to electronics assembly that are not currently listed may be available through Digi-Key by special order, though a lead time and minimum order quantity may apply.


We are able to get some LOCTITE® products (threadlocker, cyanoacry adhesive, epoxy) through the Marketplace supplier Ellsworth Adhesives. MarketPlace products can only be purchase on the Digi-Key site and would ship directly from the Marketplace supplier.