Do I have to purchase connection wires for the FX29 Compact Compression Load Cell?

I am trying to figure out how to get a reading from the FX29 Compact Compression Load Cell and was wondering if there was a connecting part that I needed to purchase.

The output type you will use to display your reading you have to use the Digital , voltage ( analog ) , or Digital . The datasheet shows a basic block diagram design Analog in this case.

datasheet click here

Hi kvonabo,

I am a little unclear as to what you are asking. Can you elaborate?

Just to clarify, the FX29 load sensor series comes in 3 output formats:

  • FX292X → differential mV output (20mV/V Wheatstone bridge, 6V supply max)
  • FX293X → 0.5 - 4.5V (requires 5V supply)
  • FX29K0 → Digital I2C (requires 5V supply)

It is offered with wires of either 40mm or 100mm, and comes either with or without a connector, the recommended mate to which is the 1734598-4.

So, you will need to select a device (microcontroller, PLC, etc.) which can interface with one or more of the output formats listed above, and then select the appropriate sensor to interface with that device.