Sensitivity of this load cell FX292X-100A-0100-L

Recently i buyed compression load cell ,what is the sensitivity of this load cell to get the load value in newton


on the cover of the datasheet it’s mentioned:

The FX29 incorporates the high reliability Microfused technology
and is offered in ranges from 10lbf to 200lbf (50N to 1000N).
Microfused technology provides excellent span and zero stability,
outstanding cycle life, superior resolution, high over-range
capabilities, and an unamplified span sensitivity of 20mV/V.

Does this answer your question ?

Thanks for information.But how to convert that data into newtons units .By using ni 9237 & ni 9945 i tried the graph is attached here.

To convert pounds to newtons multiply the pound value by 4.4482216153.

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