Repeatability of a load cell

Good morning,
I am trying to reduce the repeatability error of a the load cell FSS010WNGR.


This error is proportional to the span which is the range of voltage that this sensor can provide for a certain value of excitation.

One way to reduce the span, and also the repeatibility error is to use a lower voltage exctation. However I would loss resolution as the microcontroller has its own limitation.

My question is if this span can be reduce by using this load cell just in a certain range of load lower than the nominal and consider that reduced span as the span where the repeatability is calculated.

Thank you


I would understand the term “span” as similar to “full scale” in this case. Changing the excitation voltage probably won’t help much, because the full-scale output would shrink in proportion to the error; 0.2% of maximum is 0.2% of maximum, whatever “maximum” is.

I would also expect the repeatability error to apply to the sensor’s full rated sensing range, and be constant regardless of the mechanical sensing range that is actually employed. Minimizing the influence of the repeatability error in that case would involve maximizing usage of the sensor’s dynamic range, rather than reducing it. Stated differently, a measurement uncertainty of 20mN is less a factor if using a 10N sensor’s full range, than if that same sensor to measure forces between 0 and 1N.