Do you know ADI’s DigiTrim® devices?

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Do you know Analog Devices Inc’s DigiTrim® series ?

We have 94 Products Normally Stocking and In Stock.

There are also two EVALUATION BOARD versions on Stock:

Single-Ended – AD8556CP-EBZ & AD8556-EVALZ

Rail-to-Rail – AD8410ARM-EVALZ & AD8411AR-EVALZ

Start evaluating these Precision, 40V, ±70 nV/°C, rail-to-rail input and output Operational Amplifier for signal chain applications.

  • Lowest offset drift enables stability and precision at a wide temperature range to eliminate calibration needs

  • Excellent DC precision and AC performance with input robustness against large differential signals

  • Integrated input EMI/RFI filters ease system design to pass compliance testing

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