Doubt media for long time storage (SSD/HDD/DVD)

what best media for storage long time big files minimum 500gb?


You can look at some of the larger solid state drives like this link: Solid State Drives (SSDs), Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Otherwise people are storing more information on cloud data bases. They are now all over if you search on the Internet.

What is the best cost-benefit for an external HDD?

Honestly that would be up to you to do reasearch on cost and options. The prices are listed on the link I provided.

aliexpress hdd and ssd is good?

Aliexpress is not a manufacturer, in my experience some of the products they sell are very poor quality. I only use name brand HDD and SSD, e.g. Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Sandisk

When using HDD or SSD for long term storage you should plug in and read the disc drive at least once every couple years to make sure it has not started failing.

The only media that are good for longer untested storage are optical discs and magnetic tape. Magnetic tape storage is very expensive and slow to read or write. Archive quality Blu-ray discs can last for 50 years and only need to be tested once every 10 years, but they only hold 100GB of data.

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I don’t have a Bluray drive and the drive is very expensive and the discs don’t have 500GB or more and the tape is very expensive

HDD or SSD which is better for long storage

Are these powered or not?

SSD’s relies on a ‘stored’ charge… So if both SSD or HDD are stored un-powered in a ‘safe’, the HDD will last longer… However long Term, tape is better… Optical does fail if around sunlight… HDD can also fail due to sitting too long, they need lubrication, so best to also keep them running…


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I have MDisc DVD but it only supports 4.7GB

For long storage is SSD or HDD better?

If I use it once a year, which is better, SSD or HDD?

The HDD actually has this problem of being mechanically lubricated. If I keep it for a long time, the mechanics may stop working.

From what I have looked up it depends on how long you are looking to store it and the enviroment you are storing it in. both are good options.

the weather as much as possible and the climate varies 32-35C 65-70% RH

They Offer, 25/50/100GB Blu-ray options and advertise 1,000 years or more… I’d say stored in a normal safe, that’ll outlast any HDD/SSD…


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below mdisc what is the most reliable long term storage media?

Nobody will know for sure which is better for long term HDD or SSD for many more years. We have been using 3.5" HDD’s in large volumes for over 30 years and 2.5" disks for over 20 years. SSD’s have been in volume usage for less than 10 years.

If backup is important then the only safe strategy is to have multiple copies, on multiple types of media, stored in multiple locations. In all cases the more copies, types of media, and storage locations, the safer the backups are. For many professionals the absolute minimum is the classic 3-2-1 backup strategy.

At the moment I have little financial resources and I can choose a single option but I discard the mdisc because it is expensive and I need to buy the drive, below the mdisc and the tape what is the best option?


At this time I would say HDD.
An option I found is the 264-HDKGB13A2A01T-ND
HDKGB13A2A01T Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage | Memory Cards, Modules | DigiKey

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While looking up, m-disk media, i did find reports it works with generic cd/dvd/blue-ray burning hardware, so it seems as long as a drive firmware supports the m-disk media.

On financial, at what point does it make sense to actually backup the data? Are you backing up to back up, or is this a business, government, etc requirement. In those cases you should charge your customers as part of the main sale to pay for this backup.

If it’s personal use case, most cloud providers provide a free tier, or pretty reasonable paid tier.

For one of the open source projects i help maintain. I’ve got over 10TB of Debian based Root File System builds along with the main apt archive all backed up going back to 2013 or so. While the main archive is on a zfs partition via TrueNAS. I’ve got cold storage backup’s of the really important versions (Release to Manufacturing versions, etc). Those vary from the early days of CDR’s, DVDR’s, and now BlueRay’s…

While my TrueNAS server is always running/online, hardware can and will fail. Thus planned normal maintenance and monitoring is required. That system has evolved over the years, cpu, memory, sata controllers, bigger HDD’s etc… With all those improvements, I would still never trust that system to be turned off for any major length of time.

With data, it’s just best to plan for failure so you can recover it.



what is best archival longtime media: SSD x HDD?

  1. How long (days, months, years) can the maximum HDD (internal or external or notebook) remain stored unused without the risk of presenting mechanical problems due to non-constant use?

  2. Is it a myth or truth that surface testing can generate more badblocks and bad sectors on HDDs? some people told me this

  3. What is the best software to test HDD health (badblocks and errors)?

  4. HDD is good or bad for longtime storage archiving?

I think it’s HDD, because my computer hasn’t changed hard drives since 2011, and if you don’t care about data protection you can try using cloud drives