Dual Secondary windings not independant

Hey Folks, I’m trying to find something like this in the catalog but can’t seem to locate it. The isolation is pretty important I think, as it’s used at the end of an RS485 / DMX512 cable. But the part about it being dual secondary is a lie I think. I’ve got 6 wires coming off the secondary side and on known working ones, every one of those wires has an ohmic connection to all the others (either 0.2, 0.8 or 1.9 ohms on my fluke, which reads 0.2 with just the probes touching). Dual secondaries in center tap configuration should have 6 wires, but I should be in the megaohms from one coil to the other, no?

Key features of a direct replacement would be class 2, chassis mount, 24V-CT output from 120VAC input.

Thanks, Dan.


That’s what a person would be lead to expect from the label description, though it doesn’t appear to be quite the case from your description.

It’s not at all obvious from this side of the screen what a 60 Hz power transformer would be doing in a low-voltage serial comms application…

Something seems quite odd here and you’d probably want to sort that out, but in terms of a 24V center tap transformer in an adjacent power ballpark, one might look at these.