EDATEC HMI software

------Question for ED-HMI3010-070C-0432 Please Put your question below------
What Software is needed for create the screen for this HMI? I use Maple Systems Easy builder pro for my HMI screens. Is this compatible with EBpro software?

Hello luigi7419,

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The only thing mentioning Software on the datasheet, is the list of Raspberry Pi Operating Systems.
Maybe one of the engineers may have some knowledge on this, and can add their advice.

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Hi luigi7419,

From what I have found, it looks like EBpro is only for use with Maple Systems’ own HMI displays.

For getting the LCD up and running, you’ll want to follow the instructions found in the ED-HMI3010-070C Appication Guide. One should also read all of the documents found here.

For creating actual HMI GUI’s for the Raspberry Pi, there appear to be a myriad of different options. By Googling “hmi gui for raspberry pi” I found several examples, including “PySimpleGUI”, “PYQT5”, and “guizero”. I’m sure there are many more out there.

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Thank you! that helps a lot.