EFuse / Hotswap needed for several operating points

I need an EFuse or a Hotswap which fits for all my working points, if possible. If this is not possible, several different EFuse / Hotswap are also possible.

For this the following requirements are:

Component should be switchable via an enable pin and additional it should have a softstart(would begood ajustable).
Operating point:

  1. 5 VDC and 0.125 A
  2. 12VDC and multiple currents 0.25-10A
  3. Variable voltage 21-29 VDC (Accu) currents multiple 0.5-10A

Welcome to the forum.

I’m unsure what you are looking for, could you provide a link to an example component/assembly.

My searches only brought up the terms definitions I’m familiar with:

Thanks for your quick response, i need an IC ELECTRONIC FUSE like the following two with the requirements above.
EFuse NIS4461
eFuse with Adjustable Output Power Limiting


I am sorry to say that I am not seeing an option that would fit all specifications in one item.
For he 5v I found the NIS6452MT2TWG


For the 12v and 21-29vdc upto 4A

Options that can handle 10A+
The few I looked at had softstart as a feature.

Thank you very much for your support.