Enclosures_sbc smaller

does digi-key have any plans to carry enclosures for smaller single board computers (sbc), such as the pocketbeagle?

i see they carry various one’s for the larger beaglebone black (bbb), etc.

i have purchased enclosures and sbc’s from digi-key for the bbb, but would like a smaller one for the pocketbeagle.

any suggestions?

Unfortunately at this time it does not appear that we have an enclosure for the pocketbeagle. As for our other single board computer enclosures, I have provided a link to our section below. We do have a filter in that link for the platform. It’s possible we may have other enclosure options throughout our website. The thing to do is just search in our website by just the platform name. You can then look through the categories to see what options we may have.



thank you for the reply.

@rhombus, unlike the BBB, the PocketBeagle really didn’t get any 3rd party case makers behind it…

There is a few on thingverse if you have access to a 3d printer: