Project Enclosure for a quinled LED controler


First post. I’ve recently bought a controller for an LED light strip and I want to buy an enclosure for it. I’m hoping that there night be an enclosure available with the standoffs already in place or do I buy separate standoffs for the PCB board. I’ve never bought standoffs or an enclosure before and so I don’t really know how to use the DigiKey website to source out what I need. Can someone kindly point me in the right direction? I’ve included the URL & a picture of the board I bought. If you look at the picture it looks like the corner holes on the board are what M2 screws go through. Am I correct? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

I’ve also included a picture of the board.


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I checked the website link for the LED controller, I didn’t see anywhere where they listed what the Length x Width x Height dimensions were. This would be critical to help find an enclosure that works for you.

There isn’t going to be a premade box that has holes for standoffs where you need them.

Just chiming in here, looks like the maker of the controller does have dimensions for the board, though it took a bit of digging through their site to find the relevant page: QuinLED-Dig-Uno Board Dimensions -

They don’t give a height but based on the size of the capacitor in their kit, which appears to be the tallest component on-board, that anything about an inch or larger in height would be appropriate. The capacitor itself is 20mm tall according to this page: QuinLED-Dig-Uno DIY v3 Hardware Guide -

So it looks like our dimensions are 48.523mm x 39.370mm, with a height of ~20mm.

I’m checking on enclosure options now, though any input from Kristof is more than welcome!

Okay, so I’ve started on narrowing down the options. Like Kristof said, there isn’t going to be a box that has the holes for standoffs pre-arranged, so if you plan to use standoffs you’d have to drill the holes in the box yourself.

Just going off of dimensions, anything that’s large enough to fit the board but not (in my opinion) absurdly large leaves us with a sizable list of options, linked here: List of 217 Enclosure Options

Knowing that you might be drilling the holes yourself I’m guessing you don’t want a metal box, so that narrows it down to the following: List of 147 Plastic Enclosure Options

From here it’s up to you to either narrow them down based on your requirements or to provide some further details to help us make a solid recommendation. For example, color, cover/lid included, type of cover, Ingress Protection rating (if applicable), features such as flame retardant, etc.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help or further narrow down the options!

The only thing I have to add is depending upon how many LEDs you are driving you may want a vented aluminum enclosure.

PERF-107 PLAIN LMB Heeger Inc. | Boxes, Enclosures, Racks | DigiKey

We also offer custom enclosures. Please see this TechForum post on how to proceed with a custom enclosure order.

Modified Enclosure Requests - Equipment, Tools & Supplies - Electronic Component and Engineering Solution Forum - TechForum │ DigiKey

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I’ll look into each one.

The model I was thinking of is:

Box = DKS-PB20-75
M2 Standoffs = 1772-3525-ND
M2 Bolt = 36-21202-ND or 36-21203-ND - These bolts are Titanium and are to expensive for this project. I do need a 2-56 x 3/16" option.

My thought process is the QuniLED PCB Board gets anchored to the box / enclosure via the female to female standoffs and the red protoboard. The standoffs are bolted at the top to the four corners of the QuinLED board and Protoboard. The only thing I don’t know is how much clearance is there between the protoboard and the rest of the box. Can the QuinLED board fit inside the enclosure when attached to the protobaord? For ventilation I could drill some holes in the box to allow for air flow. The LED count is 300 and are being powered by a 5V 2A power supply.

Thanks for your responses.


For the bolts I found the be 2-56 threaded items.
Screws, Bolts | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey
Would you have information on the thickness of the board?
As there are options that are around that 3/16" length, however they have a minimum order of 100 or 5000 and such.

As for the board fitting in the box Kristof offered, I would say it would fit once mounted.