Enquiry for Graphite-TIM customization

We are looking for a customization in EYG-S0917ZLWC graphite-TIM.

Below is our requirement:

  • Sheet dimensions: 85mm x 130mm
  • Number of holes: 4
  • Location of holes: Will be disclosed later
  • Quantity: 5

Please let us know if this customized product can be offered.

Hello pthanooj, and welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.

We would receive this product from the manufacturer already cut to the size listed and with the holes punched.
I was unable to find an alternative that matched your listed requirements but looking at Page 1 of the datasheet for EYG-S0917ZLWC, linked HERE, under Explanation of part numbers, it does state “Please contact us for custom-made products.”
It would be recommended you reach out to Panasonic in regard to this, which the information for Technical or Design-in assistance can be found on this Sales & Support section of Panasonics website.