Error Occurred, Your Geber Files cannot be uploaded

I have been attempting to place an order for the fabrication of a set of prototype PCBs through DigiKey’s PCB Builder service. Those attempts have been made on different days during this and past week and using different combinations of files; trying to guess what file extension is not pleasing the Builder filters.

Unfortunately, I continue to receive the error short message. No additional information is provided.

The Gerber Files were generated by Altium.

What solution alternatives are there?


I will direct message you on this issue.

Also having this issue. Not sure how to start a direct message.


The short answer is that Digi-Key’s PCB builder does not accept Panel Gerber files yet. The uploaded files must be for individual PCBs.

If Panel array fabrication is the only option for your purposes, you could attempt to contact the PCB manufacturer directly.


Thanks Luis.
I suppose we don’t have the same issue then. I was testing with a simple PCB, no panel.
However, it would be helpful if the upload service told me more about what was wrong, like OSH Park does. Even an example gerber zip that uploads fine would be helpful for comparison.