Upload failure - Gerbers will not process

I have a gerber file archive that will not upload (from work). I can upload these from my home computer and everything is just fine. From work, the upload fails without any indication from the PCB Builder Tool that there was any error.

Here are some screenshots of the process…

Is it possible to send the gerber files to a DigiKey representative by email to order them?

My guess is that your place of employment has some restriction on zip files.

Thanks. I thought it might be a local restriction on .zip files, but I can upload the zip file with the DK RED option set in PCB Builder. When that option is not set, the zip fails to load.

But I found an acceptable workaround. I upload the zip file from home, and use the SHARE button (under the Add To Cart button) and it gives me a shareable URL. I can then use that URL at work and see my uploaded PCB and select my options. I can also forward the link to our purchasing dept and they can use it to make the purchase.

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