Excess Plastic Flashing Out on the Surface of HE4WPR/02 from Altech Corporation

Sometimes extra plastic remains may appear on the surface of the terminal strip connector HE4WPR/02 (DigiKey Part Number: 1920-1740-ND) from Altech Corporation. This can be seen as an offshoot or plastic flashing out of the injection molding process.

This part is not subjected to any tolerance for such issues, so there is not any functional problem in using it except for its appearance.

Fortunately, we have an alternative for this part which has the part number HE4WPR/02/FC (DigiKey Part Number: 1920-HE4WPR/02/FC-ND) which is same in form, fit and functionality as HE4WPR/02. The suffix FC, here, calls out for flash cut which means the extra plastic will not be there on the surface of the part.