Exports to Image Fail

Using Edge, Brave, an IE browsers, the Export to Image (.pgn or .svg) never completes. In fact, nothing happens at all.

I just tried it on Edge, both PNG & SVG export worked OK. (note there is a 5 to 10 second pause before the image is ready for download)

I did it on this project which I have set as public so you can try my schematic and see if the problem is specific to your schematic.

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Same here, @PaulHutch.

I’ll mention it to the Scheme-it Gurus; maybe we can add an indicator letting people know the ‘Export to Image’ is in process.

@JohnM3, are you still seeing the image generation not occurring on your end?

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PaulHutch, your simple schematic worked ok with Brave, so I suspect one of two issues:

  • my diagram has a number of images, relatively large compared to simple symbols like resistors. The image making function may be choking on the larger sizes.
  • my internet connection is very low bandwidth just now (I’m on a boat). There may be a timeout occurring, although I can load my project and edit it.

Yes, it is still not working. Once I got a file to save, but it had zero bytes of content.

@JohnM3 - would you mind sharing the link or name of your project? I’ll see if the Scheme-it team can find the source of the issue.



Thanks, @JohnM3

This issue is related to the images in the schematic. The Scheme-it team is working on a fix to the export feature.

Thank you for your patients as we get this resolved.

I figured. I really appreciate you and your team’s responsiveness!

Same here. I just tried to export to .png. Nothing happened at all. Maybe the same issue as JohnM3.

@jlnims - would you mind sharing the name or link to your project so the Scheme-it team can review whether this is the same issue or not?


Thanks for responding! Here’s the link: https://www.digikey.com/schemeit/project/ss-vox-controller-for-tube-xcvr-fa4aa42b79ad49c88db4c193256043ad/
Feel free to look it over and analyze why it doesn’t export to an image file.


Paul, I just tried to export your file to an svg file and nothing happened. Here are my specs:

Mac Mini running OS Monterey 12.6
M1 Metal processor
Safari 16.0

Maybe Safari; OS; or processor. I’ll try another browser.

OK. I just tried it on Chrome. Worked quickly and perfectly. It must be Safari. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thanks for the feedback, @jlnims. We will have the team look into possible issues when exporting in Safari.

Scheme-it has recently added an export indicator.

After choosing your export format, export area, and clicking the “Export” button; “Exporting…” text along with an animation and the option to cancel will be shown in the pop-up.

This indicates the export format is currently being generated.

Note that the process does take longer for large projects and projects containing many images.


I had similar problems with saving my project, exporting as pdf, or as png file. This happened in Google chrome and MS Edge. Finally I printed the page under Chrome settings. Feedback has already been done.