Female to Female 2 pin Header

Do these exist? I have messed up part of my design and instead of using a jumper i need to put a 220ohm resistor across the 2 pins.

Hello adam1, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
We do not have a 220 ohm resistor, that will plug onto 2 leads, like a jumper connector.
If the pin spacing is 2.54mm, you can use a 2pos connector housing, and attach the resistor leads to it.
You can also solder a through hole resistor onto the leads. A neater option would be to solder a SMD resistor chip, across the leads, on the bottom side of the board.

Hello David, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Are there any 2pos connector housings that have the metal contacts already built into them? Those are essentially what i am looking for. Im looking for something like this: PPTC021LFBN-RC Sullins Connector Solutions | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey
but with female connections on both sides.

Closest one with the contacts, would be 23-0014562021-ND, but are designed for insulated wires. You may be able to solder a lead from a resistor on these.

Thanks for the help David, I really appreciate it. So there are no dedicated female to female headers that you are aware of right? I have a shipment of board coming in that will need rework and having a real female to female header will make this much easier.

I checked also and wasn’t able to find any socket to socket adapters.

Hi adam1,

So, if I understand correctly, you have a 0.1" pitch header, and you are looking for a female-to-female 0.1" pitch connector with internal contacts so you can plug a resistor’s leads into it, and this is for a product, not just a prototype? Depending on how your product is used, that may not provide for a long-term reliable connection.

However, if that sort of connection is good enough for you, then have you considered using female-to-female jumper wires? Perhaps something like one of these? You could plug one side into your header pins, plug the resistor into the other side, and then fasten it down to prevent movement. I wouldn’t be terribly confidant about long-term resilience, but it might get you by for a while.

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Hey @David_1528 ,

My company had to rush a first design out the door (66 units) without full prototyping. On each unit there are 8 lines (528 lines to fix) with these 2 pin male headers with 0.1" pitch that were supposed to have a shorting jumper across to make them usable with a 3rd party device. But it turns out across those 2 pin headers, there need to be a 220ohm resistor to make the circuit work.

This is a small scale application, and for a larger scale use the fixes to the circuit will be implemented. I don’t think these jumper wires would be suitable for our application. Ideally there would exist a jumper that has a 220ohm resistance across it, but those dont seem to exist. So my only options seem to use the 2pos connector housing with a 220 through hole resistor, or soldering a 220ohm 0805 resitor across each terminal pair.

This would be a real hack, and involve some labor, but have you looked into using just the square contacts that would normally go into a 0.1" housing, like these?

I’m imagining crimping the resistor leads where the wire would normally go and then heat shrinking them to prevent shorting. Again, it’s a hack, and I’m not sure that one could get a sufficient crimp on the solid lead wire of a resistor. One might have to add a dob of solder as well. Just a thought.

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Ya, as of now, that’s another one of my alternative options, and then sliding that into the 2pos housing.