Finding fine conical tip for Aoyue 469

I have an Aoyue 469 Soldering iron. I’ve been using the default tip with it which I think is a 0.26in diameter conical tip. Despite searching online, I can’t confirm the tip specs of the default tip. I’m looking for a smaller tip because I want to work with smaller connectors with tighter pitch pins but my 0.26in tip is too big. I’ve noticed on digikey and other sites that there seems to be some kind of naming system for tips with the diameter and tip type (chisel vs conical and tip diameter). Can someone explain this? Any suggestions for finding a smaller tip maybe closer to 0.10in that will work with my iron? Thanks.

Welcome www139,
Thank you for using the Digikey Tech Forum for your question.
These are the soldering tips we have available that will work with your soldering gun. unfortunately we can can sort though the sizes of the tips using our website. Please use the Datasheet to find the size you are interested in.