Finding part numbers by price at a specific quantity

Sometimes on a PO or BOM there are missing part numbers.

If you have just the minimal information or description such as 100uF 16V aluminum capacitor but you know you have purchased it before because you have a unit price of .10 at a quantity of 100 you still may be able to find the part.

There is actually an easy way to search for the part number with just that info. This might be referred to as the price/quantity or price break filter.

If you were looking at the capacitor section and have already applied the filters to look only at 100uF and 16V options you still end up with hundreds of options.

Now the great feature that you can use from here to make fast work of this is the enter quantity box.

The red arrow is pointing to this in the picture below.

Since you know you have the unit price at 100 you can enter this quantity in the box and hit enter. Now all the prices shown in the column for unit price are the price breaks at 100 pieces.
hit the upward facing arrow on left side of the box for the unit price column to sort the list from least expensive to most expensive as shown by the red arrow in this picture.

Now searching for the part numbers by just description and price can be a whole lot easier.