Hi I have a Philco model 76 and 19. I want to know that king of capacitors I have to order. Here are de plans

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Unfortunately, it is impossible to know what values you’d need just by providing a very old scan of the models you are using. Several capacitors often have similar dimensions and it can really be several ratings. If you had an actual picture of the models with the physical capacitors on them so we can see the sides of the capacitors, then we could help find the values.

Thank you for your help. Here is the picture :slight_smile: I’m very confused… For exemple, How could I know the king of resistor I have to order while nothing is written on the plan. Here is an exemple. I have to replace that yellow resistor, but I have no clue to know which one I have to order…

You mentioned capacitors too. With that photo, it isn’t possible to know what the value of the resistor is unless it still “functions”. There aren’t any markings? Size alone doesn’t help determine all values unfortunately. They only way you’d be able to find out is testing with an ohm-meter, but if it’s blown out, it doesn’t seem possible.

You need to locate the schematic diagrams for the radios. The schematics will show the values for the components usually including the material types (kind). The schematics for many old radios are available online.

Even better than finding the schematic is to buy the “Sam’s Photofact” service documentation package for each of the models you want to repair/restore.