Help identifying and replacement recommendation

I need help identifying both of these capacitors. One was replaced with a smaller one, ( not by me) and it did not fix the problem, so looking to replace it, but can not find one that matches the bigger one in the pic.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. For the first part number you can look at 2R5SVPA82MAA. Here is the link:

Please verify dimensions.

You can look at RHA0E821MCN1GS for the second one. Here is the link:

Verify dimensions . If you need a different size on either of these, let us know . We can do another search.

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Bigger one looks to be 4mm diameter and 5mm height, other one was a replacement/ repair, I do not need it, just wanted to identify it. Thank you so much for your help!

Would this work.

Hello @danda4730

It appears that the ULR capacitor is from the X-CON series and the specifications can be found in this datasheet: 1811011230_Man-Yue-Tech-ULR477M1CF1ARR_C206165.pdf ( The required part has a capacitance of 820uf and a voltage rating of 2.5V and is radial through hole. We don’t carry that specific capacitor supplier; however, we do have several other options. Please refer to this link for similar alternatives: Aluminum - Polymer Capacitors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey.

Thank you!