Laptop Component Identification Help

My laptop blew up some time ago and I just now got around to trying to fix it. It popped when I plugged it in so I assume it was a capacitor that blew. I think I have identified this as the culprit as the voltage across the pins is zero, when plugged in and there is a “+” on one of the pins. However, I do not know anything about the component. It looks like a capacitor, but I am not sure. Any help about replacing this would be much appreciated. The component is 0.246 in in diameter, and about 0.186 inches tall off the mother board. It seems to sit on a plastic squarish base.

Hi DothWalrus,

It is a 330uF 2.5V capacitor. Probably an aluminum electrolytic capacitor. We have a few aluminum electrolytic capacitors with the same footprint, but they are somewhat taller, at 0.240". If you can tolerate that extra height, here is the nearest match we currently stock:

It has the same capacitance value and a higher maximum voltage rating of 6.3V. This higher voltage rating and extra volume should help improve its capability relative to your original part.

We also carry aluminum polymer capacitors with the same diameter. These are, in most cases, an upgrade in performance, but there are rare occasions in which they may not be suitable. If you cannot use the previously mentioned capacitor because of its height, then you might consider one of the following: