Finding replacement components for ONSEMI 2N6107G, 2N6109G, BD244CG

PNP TRANSISTOR,MAX Collector Current - Continuous :6A,MAX Collector Emitter Voltage Vceo:100V,Power:65W,Package:TO-220,Operating Temperature:-65 to +150°C,ON#BD244CG

PNP TRANSISTOR, hFE=30 to 150, 7A, PACKAGE=TO-220AB(pb-Free) ,Complementary Silicon Plastic Power Transistorsab,ON#2N6107G

Hello @randall.maxwell,

Welcome to Digi-Key’s TechForum. I was able to find some options of possible replacements to those parts. You will want to check their datasheets and specifications to determine if they will work for you application.

2368-NTE197-ND and 2368-2N6107-ND are some possible replacements to part 2N6107G.

2368-2N6109-ND and 2156-2N6109-ON-ND are possible options for part 2N6109G.

BD244CTU is a possible replacement to part BD244CG.