Fischer Connector S103A054-130+ Male and Female

I am having difficulty finding a replacement product for Fischer connector
S103A054-130+ ( Current application is in a Kistler product we use known as 4067E, but lead time from them is a bit too long on extension cables and we look to make our own. I am looking for the male and female connectors that could replace this product. We are familiar with LEMO.


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I don’t see that we carry the Fischer series of connectors, but I do have a few Lemo options that might work.

Connectors, Interconnects | Circular Connectors | DigiKey

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Hello Ambrosom,
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As Brent mentioned we don’t carry Fischer connectors. But Lemo ones come close.
Below link shows some possible options for a male plug connector with male pins that has similar attributes to the Fischer one you mentioned, but please review all the specs thoroughly to ensure if any suggested options will work for you.

Connectors, Interconnects | Circular Connectors | DigiKey

These are the stocking options. By clicking on one of those options, at the bottom of the page of it will show its mating female receptacle connectors.

Hope that helps.

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@Brent_2328 and @Irfan_Koric I appreciate the response. I will review these products.

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