Flexible 4-wire shielded cable rated to 2A 150V for LEDs and sensors

Looking for mechanically flexible 4-wire cable rated to 2A / 150V for connection to LEDs and sensors.

Not sure which materials are best suited (e.g. FEP, PVC, rubber, TPE, etc).

Can anyone recommend which materials are most / least suited to offer maximum mechanical flexibility (i.e. not prone to breakage when routed in a complex mechanical assembly)?

Usage: industrial, security
Features: no special need for resistance to oil, flame, bio
Shielding: yes (braid / foil / spiral ok)
Length: looking to buy 10-20m in length

Thanks in advance


A nominal material such as “silicone” can vary from a stiff solid to a pourable liquid, so it’s perhaps not as useful for finding a suitable product as one might hope.

Assuming you’re talking about installation in a moving mechanism rather than just a flex-once-to-install sort of application, there are products such as Igus’ Chainflex, Belden’s MachFlex, and some of Lapp’s Etherline products (among others…) that are specifically targeted toward such service. CF240-03-04 is a product on hand that appears to meet your list of criteria as an example, but there may be others that you might prefer for one reason or another.

Not a moving mechanism. Just need more flexibility in routing cables. tempted to just go with rubber, but would like to know which materials might be suitable. Thanks for your reply.

What’s the starting point for “more” in this case? Minimizing conductor size, higher strand counts, finding ways to omit shielding requirements–all are parallel roads to the same destination.